Smell The World In A Honé Way!


An innovative new way to wear essential oils with this reusable, discreet nose diffuser

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Honé Nose ring is flexible and comfortable

Aromatherapy at its Best

Honé Nose Ring is discrete, smells great. Get yours today!

Come and Smell the World in a Honé way!

Where is Honé being used? ?

Do you use essential Oils? Then you need to see and try this. This is the new innovative way to take your favorite oils and blends anywhere. Some of the best uses are while at home, sleeping, relaxing, while jogging, cylcing, meditating, YOGA, while at work, school, traveling in crowds at the airport, bus station, train or subway. You name it and we think you will want this for your next journey. Made in the USA this is comfortable, discreet, and compact so you can take it anywhere at anytime. Watch our video below.. thanks for visiting


Working in a busy emergency department doesn’t always bring with it great smells. But wearing the nearly invisible Honé ring makes even the most unpleasant experiences better. Where was this 10 years ago?!

Jon B

This is a brilliant concept!!! Whether you're changing the cat litter box, sweating to the oldies at the gym or sitting in the office at work this scent is so refreshing you’ll want to use this product all day and everyday!

Brent W

These are the most amazing things!!! I LOVE them!! There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane, in a car or just in line and have someone next to you smell awful! They solve all your smell problems!

Nicole H

Exercise and Yoga

in a Honé way

Relax on an Airplane

in a Honé way

Enjoy at work

in a Honé way

Relax at the Spa

in a Honé way

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